Grassroot politics, direct primaries and the concept of Home. By ‘Lanre Bucknor

Politics is local as it is always said!

The Commissioner we are enjoying perks from today hails from the hood. When all else fails, everyone returns to their home constituency.

Dr. Abdulhakeem AbdulLateef tilted more towards the hood now when he understands the concept of grassroot politics and it’s attendant importance, he found out a little bit late in his political life but early enough to salvage his political grassroot relevance.

Hon. Tony Nwulu that we are trying to replace went to Imo with our commonwealth, how many Jakande Estate, Isolo constituents have you heard the Hon. Idimogu fellow touched directly? you would probably hear good words about him at canoe axis of this divide.

Hakeem Muniru will be more tilted towards the people of Isolo when the goodies arrive, he was once at the green chamber and he never knew us, while Ago Okota people will enjoy more if Bola Ahmed Oseni Emerges.

Distinguished Senator Yayi who is supposed to be the senator representing this district at the hallowed red chamber have never for once even visited us talk more of even touching our lives directly, he will first attend to the people of Alimosho if and when he is not trying to be the governor of Ogun state with the resources that belongs to you and I.

Do you know that Youths in Imo are calling Tony Nwulu to come be the governor? 4 years of our own commonwealth sunk into the governorship ambition of another state. There’s so much a commissioner can do, it’s an appointment position.

There’s so much a legislator can do despite it being a terminal position but if you support your own even if he doesn’t perform up as expected, you would have liberated the generation of one of your own and positively change the story that belongs to us and you can easily call him to question.

We need more top class political office holder to come from this hood, the goodies can become bigger and more life reaching. The effect can be more sustainable than these cups of rice, low quality fabrics and a few naira notes.

Have you asked yourself when last we had a member of the green chamber hailed from the hood? Remind me when last for I am waiting.

Food will be digested and defeacated, Money is a temporal thing, it comes and goes irrespective of the level of plans put in place, I read somewhere that Robert Kiyosaki of Rich dad, poor dad fame is bankrupt. Fabrics will fade and pilgrimage will change the life of a selected few but a lasting legacy will remain long after the deed doer have left the shores of Mother Earth.

Asiwaju is a super strategist, he held Lagos down, went back to the drawing board and negotiated sound political deals with having the 4th best economy in Africa.

Jagaban was able to do this because he never let go of Lagos even after clinching national relevance, he never sold out on Lagos, his local constituent even for Federal might.

The concept of direct primaries is a strategic game of numbers and this hood have the numbers.

Do not allow one of you use you against one of you for blood will always be thicker than water. The APC prides itself as a broom party signifying togetherness, this hood shouldn’t act otherwise.

Remember and note this day; politics is strategic, politics is not being heedless, politics is a game of number and you have the numbers required to swing this in one of you’s Favour! Politics is local and when push comes to shove, everyone will return home, for home is where the heart resides!

‘Lanre Bucknor is an Estate Surveyor by profession and practice. He writes from Lagos.

He hosts a WordPress blog at and tweets via @lordrooz.