People, be good people by ‘Lanre Bucknor

A mortal once said to me;

“Maybe when we have more good people

The world won’t be so tiring

So tiring to live in”


We keep looking for good people

In the world


What we have failed to do

Or realise is; 

Some of us have to be the good people

For ourselves

And for others

We have to see the good people

In ourselves


We must become the good people

For, we must understand

That good recognises good

Just like real recognises real

Because whatever we want from life

And from people

And from the creator

We must give it first

we don’t get appreciated 

Regardless of how much we try
We shouldn’t care

We should not be bothered
Because we are being good 

for ourselves 

and for no one else. 

No need to wait 

for gratification

Be it instant

Or of a future kind from any man
The reason why others hurt us 

and make us vulnerable 

is because of expectations, 

and that’s where we should turn. 

Never expect anything from anyone. 

Just do you! 

Just do good
We must understand the adage:

The adage of the birds

Of feathers

About Flocking.
We must understand the yoruba adage

Talking about the legendary 

“Iro and iborun”

‘Lanre Bucknor writes from Lagos and takes a cue from Q4:36. Mortal as referred here is a certain Miss Zuwaerah Aramide Daba.

‘Lanre can be further engaged on Instagram and twitter via the @lordrooz handle.


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