This Poet and the Prophets [Rhymes and Reasons] by ‘Lanre Bucknor

This poet is a prophet 

Calling the Atlantic’s natural reset 

With arsenal doing the Lacazette 

And good things coming with being patient

This poet is a prophet 

Preaching good with a divine content

 Ruing  the death of idlemindset 

And calling shots with future mindset 

This poet is a prophet 

Embracing light from engulfing darkness

 Ignoring the  spoon in devil’s buffet 

And making light of ugly concept 

This poet is a growing prophet 

Like the apple papa Adam once ate 

We humans will err and always defect 

But like him, we must quickly repent 

This poet is an awesome prophet 

Like Fela, whose message is so potent 

And his loads of intelligence quotient 

Like Mandela, his reasons are so cogent 

This poet is a noble prophet 

Preaching how Islam loathe insurgence 

also, hypocritical pretence 

And calling HIS names without reverence


The prophet was a beautiful poet

 Delivering lines with Allah’s intent 

Through the angel who is most eminent 

With the Hira serving as his comfy tent

Lanre Bucknor writes from Lagos and is neither a prophet nor a poet. ‘Lanre just does his thing and right here, leaves you with Pa Socrates above.

Also instructive is Q4:69.

‘Lanre can be further engaged on twitter and Instagram via @lordrooz