Of tiny bits, life and fulfilment by ‘Lanre Bucknor

For a bit, 

Respond to your goodness impulse

Forget that thing that puts funds in-purse

For a little bit

Forget that thing that puts food on your table

Reflect! on how you are more than able

For a bit, 

Do that thing that put smiles on people’s faces

And up your sleeves, you’d find you hold the aces


For one little bit

Do that thing that brings no fund but gives you joy

Forget the thorns, its nothing but a ploy


For that little bit

You’d discover that you have lived

Differently from those who are bereaved

For that little bit

You’d feel the movement of your pulse

the impulse to do more

And urge to live more


For that tiny bit

the throb of your heart will beat

Steadily to uber – melodious beats


Of life 

And of optimal fulfilment!

For whatever you want from life, you have to give it out first.

Lanre Bucknor writes from Lagos and have learnt that, living is more of being of service to humans without expecting something in return, rather expect reward from the Almighty. A cue is taken from the Glorious Qur’an 2:58 and 2:62

Goodness shouldn’t be done for a selected few who could reciprocate rather Goodness should be done regardless of who is at the receiving end.

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