To Umm’ Ikhlas, with love [poetry of hypothesis] by ‘Lanre Bucknor

I miss you

Despite the fact that,

I haven’t yet met you

I wanted badly

So badly, to be an artist

So I could paint you the world

I could be Shah Jahan

Gifting you the Taj Mahal 

For you’d be the crown of my heart


I wanted to be a soldier

Fighting all forces

To protect thy beautiful smile


I wanted badly to sing you a song

For life, 

moments and for eternity

Oh! I should be a doctor

To heal the aching soul

And whatever is left of broken hearts

I wanna be Diotsalvi

The tower of  Pisa is yours

My rib that’d never be straightened

Should I not be a poet

Scribbling lines and stanzas

To touch thy mind with gifts of words?

I’d love to be a clergy

I could Speak heavenly life 

into thy noble soul


Should I be an architect?

Translating our dreams

To a working reality


Or I could just be Sauvestre

Placing the Eiffel in your palms

Signalling our love, strength and creativity


Maybe I could be a potter

Redefining the fine lines 

Of thy awesome figure
But in the end

I chose to be me

Hoping these mediocre lines 

Gives you the smile you deserve;

The Cheshire cat smile

Lanre Bucknor writes from Lagos and here, on world poetry day, writes to and for his hypothetical life partner and the mother of his kid(s). ‘Lanre does not even know if he has met or know her yet but feels he will write something grand when he finally does. But while we wait, Q25: 74 moists the tongue.

And the heart.

Umm’ means mother and Ikhlas means Sincerity in Arabic language.

‘Lanre can be further engaged on twitter and Instagram via @lordrooz


​Four ten eye! (4-10-i) [A Lullaby] By ‘Lanre Bucknor

When you look around

And all you see is doom

Look to the sky

And you’d the see the moon

When the chips are down

And all else looks gloom

Do this for self

And you’d see you’ll bloom

The journey seem far

But you’ve come as far

The journey seem tedious

Just look, you’ve been studious

Look to the horizon

The finish line is close

That you have a fan

Will never be in doubt

This looks plain

And could mean much not

But remember this and I mean it too:

I will always,

Always believe in you

A wise old god came to me 

Smiled And whispered thus:

“Doubt we all if thou must do

But always still, believe in you”

‘Lanre Bucknor writes from Lagos and wrote this for a special lady; ‘Tenifayo Alli. The last four lines were culled and remade from Ayo Sogunro’s ‘gods‘.

‘Lanre can be further engaged on twitter and Instagram via @lordrooz