​Reflections on metaphysics III [ on Faith, Crossroads and Altars] By ‘Lanre Bucknor

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I woke up earlier

To ponder 

On life and its wonders

How we hide 

under the pretence

Of religious credence

To perpetrate 

Monumental Decadence

veiled in the cloak

Of holiness

Behind pulpits and in temples


we feed the crossroads

With offerings from 

Preaching prosperity 

never of salvation 

to get eternal life


Have we pondered

Why it’s the night that falls


it’s the day that breaks?

And so,

Last night,

I dozed off earlier

Into slumber

In order to conquer

The deities that loiter 

Over crossroads and altar


human beings falter

Despite the creeds of water

Failing to prep for yonder.

Like a stammerer

You begin to wonder 

Why human beings stutter

Like a day old toddler

With hope of living forever

And so I remember,


Last night,

I dozed off earlier

Deep Into slumber

So l could conquer

The jinns that wander

Over crossroads and altar

‘Lanre Bucknor writes from Lagos and wonders everyday why we as humans forget our exact purpose in this life. As much as ‘Lanre believes there are men who are close to the Almighty, he also know for certain that, the Almighty is close to every one of us too depending on how well we know HIM. But then, we need to get closer to our holy book and I for this piece draws inspiration from Q24:44.

‘Lanre can be further engaged on twitter and Instagram via @lordrooz


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