Life, Birthdays and the inevitable By ‘Lanre Bucknor

β€œMan alone chimes the hour. And, because of this, man alone suffers a paralyzing fear that no other creature endures. A fear of time running out.”

β€”Mitch Albom

I am old. I am very old! 

I do not have any image of what I look like as a toddler but my mum used to paint a picture of what I usually do and already, the world knows who I look like physically.

I was born sometimes in mid 80s when my little family lived in a compound on Joseph street in Lagos island before moving to Apapa Road, Ebute metta. I came after my parents had already conceived a male and female child and I already had a cousin of the same age with my sister, both raised like a twin.

It was said that I got a tricycle early on in life but I am one who would not ride the tricycle but will go about pushing around a little stool, the one my tribe refers to as apoti and making the sounds of a moving vehicle. 

There was this elderly woman who lived in the compound too, once I start my rounds of driving the apoti in the compound and disturbing the peace, she would call my mum’s attention in local ijebu dialect: “iye sunkanmi, wee ni wa gb’omo re?”. 

I am almost always clad in female gown or attire when doing this and more other toddler things as I was born in those years when your elder siblings’ pieces of clothing were passed down automatically to the next child. I had so much of those because I practically have 2 sisters.

I do not know to what end my little story goes but then, birthdays are about reflection of life and most importantly – death.

I have had and heard so many discussions about the celebration of birthdays, I don’t judge folks whether they celebrate or not because you see, celebration is a relative term. Some argue that celebration of milestones are what should be paramount, I share in the sentiments but then, shouldn’t milestone be celebrated in relation with age? 

Put in perspective, a 25 year old fellow who just finished from high school which in itself is a milestone, but a 16 year old will probably have a better celebration of such milestone. 

My submission is that, birthday celebration is a relative term and should be celebrated by whoever wishes and however such persons deem fit.

For me, 2016 on the surface looks a very rough and tough year, I toiled and strived to get some things done, I achieved little and flunked so many but I achieved one thing which, looking deep down is worth more than anything in the world – I got slightly better in my deen and moved more closer to my Rabb! 

In 2016, I discovered that I am still on a path to self discovery, I thought I had figured myself out but heck no, I haven’t and just like I wrote in 2014, I’d reflect on my life.

And although my lips are dry and my wallet is empty, I will step outside into the morning breeze, the afternoon sun, the dark night then smell and taste life.

Today is my birthday folks, I will reflect on the last 3 decades and more that I have spent here, I will let the floodgates open and let the tears flow.

I will then keep shining my toothy smile. 

For indeed, this life is nothing when compared to the hereafter!

β€œI do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.”

β€”Mark Twain

‘Lanre Bucknor writes from Lagos. ‘Lanre was born on December 20 and attach relativity to birthdays as he believes celebration as a concept in itself is a relative term. 

‘Lanre can be further engaged on twitter and Instagram via @lordrooz


Silhouette Seduction [R18] By ‘Lanre Bucknor


​I’d love to taste you again

Feel that amazing warmth

while diving between your thighs into 

that awesome heaven


I feel quite safe in there


I’d love to

suck between the thighs

Caress those round awesome boobs

I’d love to make it up to you

All those lost times 

And moments


I’d love to 

smack those huge ass 

I’d work wonders with your body

Run my fingers on your spine 

and tickle that tummy


I’d love to

Lick you from the summit of your nose 

to the base of your vagina 

I’d run my wet finger

On your spine 

to your neck line


I’d love to massage the neck,

crack the nuts, 

Lose the knots

and oil the joints

I’d love to

I’d love to work magic 

on that awesome body 

while biting those sumptuous lips

We’d have a heart to heart

Clear all the guilt

And whatever happens therefrom

Will be worth all these lines. 

Lanre Bucknor writes from Lagos. Because a writer is always writer and writer has blood and emotions flowing through him too,  stuffs like this comes to the fore.  This post is not shared publicly like the rest on this blog and more but those who torchlight this blog will find this. 

‘Lanre can be further engaged on twitter and instagram via @lordrooz