30 Seasons of Loneliness. [A sololoquiy] By ‘Lanre Bucknor


I was born in a country where irrespective of how the weather looks, it is regarded as being wet or dry, it is the way we were wired by our colonial masters. 

This article right here relates a part of me that most people do not get to meet often but that which is alive and only few people notice;

I walk around with a big scar!

It’s simple, I am one who doesn’t get over people with huge influence on me quickly, folks might say I do not grow or I am a weakling but some pains stays for a life time.

I am lonely, I have actually been lonely for the better part of the last 15 years. Yeah! I have been great and lively as people who are close enough will say but the truth is sometimes and on most nights, I reminisce on a part of me who have been absent for that long.

I miss my Dad!

I haven’t achieved so much in life, I am grateful to the Almighty for His mercies. I have faith and assurance that a whole lot of what I want haven’t been achieved but tomorrow waits and will be better.

For every milestone, small as they might seem, I have missed celebrating them with him, I have missed rushing home to give glad tidings of these little achievements.

I have been all alone in my world for 30 seasons.

I want to shake it off but it’s tough, I have lived with this for 15years and this scar can’t just be wished away. It’s a scar that never goes away and becomes painful with every touch.

It’s a tough call for me to have penned this, I cried! Don’t, on my behalf, it will never be easy to get used to this pain but I have, despite it being a tough thing to do.

But then, sometimes, people with the liveliest lives and the biggest smiles move about with the highest kilo joule of pain.

Even I am a witness!

‘Lanre Bucknor writes with a scar and a big smile from Lagos. He is on twitter and Instagram via @lordrooz


Be all heart. Inspired thoughts from Umar Bn Khattab – ‘Lanre Bucknor

This tough economic times is where and when we should stand by one another the most. Folks are hungry, Folks are in actual debt, folks are living on a meal per day, some don’t even know where the next will come from.

Most of us can relate to the story of Umar bn Khattab and the stone cooking woman when Umar was the khalifah. 

This is the time to stand by one another. Umar bn Khattab usually comes through and with this, he did once again.

Giving isn’t about how so much or so little you have or how much you stand to gain in return.

Giving is an attitude. A character that defines faith and depicts a heart.

Of Gold!

‘Lanre Bucknor writes from Lagos. ‘Lanre doesn’t have so much but gives when he can from the very little he owns. He wants to give more and prays he can. ‘Lanre is the same as @lordrooz on twitter and instagram.

Heal – A #ShortPoetry by ‘Lanre Bucknor


Not because everyone  

Wants you to  


Because you have to  

You need to 



Because you must  

For yourself  

And maybe   

For someone else 


Because it’s the only thing   

Holding you back   

From being the dream   

Of someone   

Out there,   



And maybe, just maybe   


To have you   

In their arms,   


and life 



Because you must!  

You have to  

For that special person


Please dear,  

Go through this process  

This Slow,  

painful process    

Do nothing else  

After this 

Just heal!


                                               ‘Lanre Bucknor writes from Lagos. He is always in a healing process because he learns everyday. He holds one word close to his heart and that word is SINCERITY. 

‘Lanre can be found on twitter and Instagram via @lordrooz