Reflections on Metaphysics By ‘Lanre Bucknor

The night falls
Only to pick itself up like a crawling child

The day shines
Only as long as the nagging night allows

The table turns
Only by the guiding command of the carpenter

The referee blows
And signals the climax of a fleeting life

The ink flows
Giving life to the dazzling strength of the mind

The mind wanders
Just like the architect of the Eiffel tower

The little boy in me grow old
Tell amusing tales of how little I have learnt.

‘Lanre Bucknor

Written on a lonely night when inspiration of some sort just flew in from nowhere and for no just cause. Was first tagged “senseless piece of poetry” but then it has since been dedicated to two awesome human beings I am yet to meet in the real world.
For Ayodele Sogunro (@ayosogunro) and Ogunyemi Bukola (@zebbook).