Reflections on Metaphysics By ‘Lanre Bucknor

The night falls
Only to pick itself up like a crawling child

The day shines
Only as long as the nagging night allows

The table turns
Only by the guiding command of the carpenter

The referee blows
And signals the climax of a fleeting life

The ink flows
Giving life to the dazzling strength of the mind

The mind wanders
Just like the architect of the Eiffel tower

The little boy in me grow old
Tell amusing tales of how little I have learnt.

‘Lanre Bucknor

Written on a lonely night when inspiration of some sort just flew in from nowhere and for no just cause. Was first tagged “senseless piece of poetry” but then it has since been dedicated to two awesome human beings I am yet to meet in the real world.
For Ayodele Sogunro (@ayosogunro) and Ogunyemi Bukola (@zebbook).

That one woman (For Momma)

Everyone in the world claimed they have the best best mum, I am not an exception. I have a wonderful and Awesome Mom. One thing is sure though, I had the bestest Dad!

I find myself multitasking since I woke up on this day, 16th January 2013 but I’d be damned if I don’t put my writing prowess into use on this special day momma came into the world, hence, I pick inspiration from BOYZ II MEN’s A SONG FOR MAAMA.

*plays song*

You taught me everything
And everything you’ve given me
I always keep it inside
You are the driving force in my life

There isn’t anything
Or anyone I can be
And it just wouldn’t feel right
If I didn’t have you by my side

*pauses music*

While penning this piece, the glorious picture of ‘Mama Sunkanmi’ filled my imagination. That sexy slim frame we all took from her, the gap toothed smile visible on all our faces and recently, the wonderfully glowing tiny specks of silver hair gracefully finding their way into your low trimmed black hair. My mum is a priceless jewel!

Forget chyks, “Auntie mi” as she is fondly called by her first two offsprings is one who is very ‘stubborn’, your old school ways trips me and that radicalism I took from you and Dad keeps me going in rough terrain. You are that one woman who drove us to this world!

I remember my early days in life, I was your baby for 7 years before Jubril came and took away that ‘spot’ of last born. Jubril in turn relinquished the position to the legendary Gambo, Ibrahim, the most naughty offspring of you and Alabi Bucknor.
I also remember how naughty I was, I am always requesting for any ‘mende mende’ I saw advertised on TV and I remember You almost never let me down on any occasion by getting them for me when returning from your office back then when you were still with the ministry of aviation on broad street.

*plays music*

You were there for me to love and
Care for me
When skies were grey
Whenever I was down
You were always there to comfort me
And no one else can be what you
Have been to me
You will always be, you will always be
The girl
In my life for all times

*pauses music*

You were and still a ‘thatcher’. Sincerely, words can’t simply explain what you mean to us. I and my siblings are grateful to God for using you to give us life. You had the chance to pinch us painfully, you did not. You had the chance to let go of us, you never did. I could go on and on in describing how wonderful you have been, how awesome you are and how you have now become so ‘old skool’ that always seem to crack us up. You are still wonderful and you would remain so.

Ever wonder why we seem to quarrel? Yes! We do quarrel dear momma, but I am very sure you understand what growing up means, you have been there and always be there. You quarrel with us and still call us by our pet names minutes after, you don’t know what the sweet sounding melody of ‘Larry bobo’ means to me, I bet you don’t. Same goes for all your offspring, that unbelievable loud tones of your voice, that massive yelling while we go wrong and that solo rendition of juju music while doing the chores.
Momma, do you remember my first day in high school? You were there with daddy beside you and how can I forget that day you showed up surprisingly in class in my freshman year in college. Momma, you still owe me an apology for that though๐Ÿ˜€ , ‘cos I was called mommy’s boy throughout that semester, you did same for my elder brother too!

Momma, You have been ‘stubborn’๐Ÿ˜€ but that makes you what wonderful woman you are, you are the one woman in our lives and we will forever appreciate you and grateful for you love.

I can go on and on, Momma….but, I have to run along to do more to make you proud. This and so much more is for you!

*plays music*

Mama,mama, you know I love you
Mama, mama, you are the queen of my heart
Your love is like tears from the stars
Mama, I just want you to know
Your love is like food to my soul


This I have written on behalf of Waheed Olasunkanmi, Aisha Olayinka, Hamed Olanrewaju(my humble self), Jubril Olalekan, Ibrahim Oladipupo, Rahmat Adeola(daughter in law), and lil miss sunshine, Medinah Afolashade Yelena(grandchild) for THAT ONE WOMAN, Mrs Khadijat kuburah Olusola Bucknor!

Blessings and Long life, Momma!

‘Lanre Bucknor

My piece of mind for Comrade Peter Esele By ‘Lanre Bucknor

I initially have the intention of tweeting directly at the @peteresele handle on twitter but I woke up this morning and discovered that the handle, parody or real have only tweeted 71 times as at the last time I checked. I felt it unwise expressing myself through that medium hence, this article.

Let it be of note that I am not writing this out of idleness and inexperience, I was and ‘still’ a comrade at the level of the students’ union back in college and if You doubt my balls, there is a singular act of grinding my own union’s activities to a halt in the face of suspension and impeachment when we increased Union dues without sufficient and clear grounds.

I watched comrade Esele mostly on Television during the #OccupyNigeria protest of 2012, I saw a man with passion, a man who is capable of leading us out of slavery to promise land, I saw a ‘youth’ who is brimming with confidence, someone who over shadowed the NLC president who I think should be at the forefront of our struggle because of my previous experiences with the Edo state governor and IP NLC president, comrade Adams Oshiomole, I saw our own Moses, I saw glimmers of hope!
Little did I know that, I was in for a shocker!

Who would forget in a hurry, that picture where NOI, SLS and senator David Mark were shaking our ‘Comrades’ with their heads bowed down in respect and small chops filled table? Who would forget the huge grin on our comrades’ faces when meeting with the Federal Executive council? As young as I was and still am, I knew back in school that when meeting with authorities on behalf of the masses, all forms of respect and smiles are thrown to the dogs until conditions are met. Certain rooms are left for compromise on both sides but not that which will have adverse effect on the livelihood of the masses you claim to represent.

Comr. Esele, how do you manage to sleep at night? How do you walk on the street seeing the masses you represent suffer? Your singular act of cowardice and greed have left this nation in a record low of sorry state in one calender year. You denied yourself and the unborn generation greatness.
You have amassed a certain sum of money by selling not only your conscience but that of those who believed in your ability to lead.

I was going through your rather lean timeline on twitter and I saw you responding to a certain tweep thus: “I have nothing to defend. When your peers confer the highest office available to you, there is something you are doing right.” I beg to say, you don’t deserve to tweet those words, you failed those who conferred that highest office on you. You lost the chance of being a true national hero, man of the masses and chance to amass a clean lifelong fame and fortune.

Were you afraid of jail? Or was it the sweet sounding melody of billions offered to sell out? I have met comrades who have been afraid of tribulations but I do not expect such at your level.

Whatever has a monetary price tag is worthless as the yoruba adage goes and a good name is worth much more than oil bloc, silver, gold or platinum. If truly you sold us out as the information on ground suggests, your conscience will haunt you till you leave the earth’s surface and the unborn generation will forever ask you why you have flunked the golden opportunity presented you and why you have delayed and denied them greatness they sincerely deserve.

Extend my regards to ‘Comrade’ Omar of the Nigeria Labour Congress.

‘Lanre Bucknor
Tweets with the handle, @lordrooz

#20.12.2012: My Gratitude


I’d first and foremost give glory to Almighty Allah who have spared me up until this moment. Its been a bumpy jolly good ride since the 80s. My birthdate this year has a significant numerical configuration.

On this day #20.12.2012, I felt loved beyond comprehension, I lost all skills of writing and voices of speech. It was an incredible experience.

Phone calls that caught me off guard came in droves especially from @sagaysagay, @jaycax and a certain number (08121851958), this person rained prayers on me, I am still the stunned and in the dark who this awesome human being is. @ogungbedeji, @gbengaosowe, @oscarpoems and @nykelodeon also dropped by. Sagay and Nicholas were at their humour best! I got numerous calls too that I shouldn’t have were just totally unexpected except for that of deji, nicki and gbenga, they were surprise packages. Gbenga wrote a poem and even spared space to give props therein.

On BBM, it was another world entirely. I’d look into my recent updates and all I saw was ME! It was simply magical. I saw pictures of myself I had forgotten existed, and I got over 20 new friends contacts, part of whom are Mrs Anaba and Seye. How would you feel , if say 160 of 190 of your contact have DPs or PMs or Both wishing just you a happy birthday? I have no word for that awesome feeling! I got Voice notes of friends singing birthday songs to me.

My NOKIA phone with its durable battery was left charging so as not to run out of steam, same with my BlackBerry device as PHCN surprisingly behaved unusually sane in my area recording 5minutes less 24hours of electricity!

I have lost count of my FACEBOOK friends but I got over 300 facebook wishes, I felt Alive!

@omolittle22 works with searchFM in Minna and she took out time of her programme to dedicate Evi Edna Ogoli’s birthday song to me, that was just magnificient.

TWITTER folks were all over the @lordrooz handle, series of prayers and wishes. @tlatifah posted links to some of my write ups to cemebrate the day, y’all gave me that star feeling, I was on cloud 9.

What will I ever do without hommies in the hood? I had little to share in the spirit of the day, they understood perfectly and rejoiced with me. Bioye came purposely to take me out for a drink. Thanks to mum, little bro called all the way from Akure, baby brother played a part, thanks to my sister and my elder brother described me as ‘the best brother/ friend anyone could ask for’. I was humbled.

A whole lot of ‘HYPO’ description of me but I took all in the spirit of the special day, afterall, there is no smoke without fire.

I can go on and name everyone here but its not wise because of the nature of this piece.
And my sincere and deepest regards to those who didn’t remember for one reason or the other, its only human to forget and that’s absolutely normal, I won’t have appreciated those who did this much. I appreciate everyone!

I have bored you guys a enough and G Hamper closed the day with his remark: ‘You are forever young’. Gratitude to the ‘Empress’, she got me a Sneakers.๐Ÿ˜€